We’ve realized $500m
in Cash For Owners

We want to help you fulfil the potential of your business. Over the last 25 years our Partners have scaled dozens of businesses covering many sectors including Technology, Software, Support Services, Niche Manufacturing, Distribution, Financial Services, Recruitment and Media.

It’s not about learning on the job. It’s about know-how.

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The Portfolio Partnership – Core Services:

  1. Working intensely with owners to scale their business by deploying our successful operational playbooks.
  2. Acquisition Support Services including negotiation, deal structuring and post acquisition integration.
  3. Non-Executive Chairman to mentor ambitious leadership teams.

Sector preferences include: Software, Recruitment, Financial Services, IoT, Niche Manufacturing.

Latest radio interview on scaling.


Our Philosophy


What We Do,
Our Playbooks

We work alongside your leadership team to deploy our methodology and playbooks to implement a rich process of discovery, analysis and action. We transfer our know-how over time to your team, maximizing their performance.

We love process and we know the appropriate level to embed based on the size and stage of development of your enterprise. We scale we don’t just grow. Scaling is growth with CAPS. Control, Alignment, Predictability but with Safety in mind.

Change your odds


Ian Smith Speaks about The Portfolio Partnership

Ian explains the odds of building a remarkable and saleable business are challenging and how The Portfolio Partnership helps to change those odds in your favor.

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