Ian D. Smith



Ian founded The Portfolio Partnership (TPP) in 2010. TPP is an operational consultancy focused on scaling private businesses safely including acquisition support services. He believes his resume of building 4 previous businesses from publishing, investment banking to software in Europe and in the United States gives him a unique set of skills and a sense of humor. As an ex- CFO, investment banker, venture capitalist and CEO, Ian has realized more than $400 million for shareholders over the past 25 years. The Portfolio Partnership is a new type of Operational Consultancy. The team aggressively scale businesses safely, deploying their simple but effective Playbooks. It’s a unique partnership between owners and senior talent to ensure the right stuff gets done.

Ian has been creating remarkable businesses since the early 80s with Thomson (now Thomson Reuters), creating Livingstone Guarantee an early leading investment banking boutique as the second employee, building the FTSE 100 Capita Group in the 90s and more recently turning around software businesses in Boston over the last decade. Since 2010 Ian has been working alongside owners and leaders to build remarkable businesses. These are intensive relationships working on the operational playbooks that change the trajectory of companies. All four businesses Ian is working with are Inc. 5000 honorees.

Ian’s book, Fulfilling the Potential of Your Business, recently won the Small Biz Book Awards for Management. Ian’s main hobby of masters track and field keeps him quite fit. He is currently ranked #1 and #2 in the world at 200m and 400m indoors in his M55 age class. Ian graduated from the University of Strathclyde and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland. Ian holds both US and UK citizenship.

Martin Kelleher






Martin has spent over 25 years helping companies grow and realize their value in Ireland, the UK, France and the US. He has executed multiple acquisitions ranging from several billion dollars to low tens of millions. As an experienced COO and CFO he works with the senior team to identify the key assets, the levers that need to be pulled and puts together the plan to maximize returns. The plan is provided so that it’s realistic and easy to execute. Martin is a highly respected operations executive who has helped manage companies that delivered high growth and returns.

He has a special interest in the use of key performance indicators, dashboards and developing a culture of managing by metrics. His partnering approach with the management team allows companies to build on existing successes and position them for repeatable and profitable growth.

He has a wide range of industry experience ranging from Consumer goods, Telecoms, Software, Internet and Professional services. He has worked with large public companies; venture backed startups and private companies.

He is a qualified accountant and has an MBA from Duke University.

The Bench

Ian and Martin have assembled a team of world class CEOs and COOs to help scale your business. They have brought together a deep bench of talent covering most sectors. All clients that are scaled by The Portfolio Partnership enjoy the following results:

  1. A safer more robust way of growing their business called Scaling.
  2. A better understanding of what is working and what is not working and why. The development of a metrics culture.
  3. A quantum leap in the quality and frequency of published marketing content.
  4. A robust, repeatable and effective lead generation machine.
  5. A higher close rate of deals.
  6. A higher success rate of acquiring and developing talent.
  7. And when appropriate the ability to execute and integrate acquisitions.
Scaling a business is not the same as growing a business. Scaling implies alignment, control, predictability, fast growth but with safety.


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