Exit Preparation Services



We want you to ace the due diligence test. The key deliverables to this project are to ensure you have digital files prepared on all relevant aspects of the business produced in sufficient detail that satisfies the preferred acquirer’s due diligence process. We would create a virtual data room with these digital files organized in an easy to access manner with printed hard copies available in binders. This system will give you the piece of mind that you can:



  1. Produce evidence in a timely manner to support all assertions and representations made to the acquirer. This will cover strategy, marketing, sales, metrics, forecasts, processes, assets, IPR and patents, employment contracts, insurance, leases, cash flow, balance sheets, history, roles, accounting records, competitors, shareholding structure, customer contracts etc.
  2. Release validated data to a shortlist of acquirers in the knowledge that everything is reconciled, cross-referenced and justified.
  3. Complete the due diligence process in record time with your preferred acquirer without disrupting the performance of the business.
  4. Allow your team to focus on executing this years objectives without being distracted by numerous requests from various acquirers, investment bankers, and lawyers.
  5.  Assess any exposure that exists within the business and correct it, long before an acquirer gets the chance to leverage that weakness. (Our work is done through the eyes of a practiced acquirer so we know what they are looking for)

Specifically for each area we would build out our due diligence files to cover all obvious inquiries and discovery requests from the acquirer. The process would involve discovery of the facts, diagnosis to understand the detail and conclusions to accompany each section (This is the methodology an acquirer will follow). Clearly only your preferred acquirer post negotiation of a deal structure would have access to our data room and even then only under strict supervision. We could produce detailed analysis and evidence under these headings:

1. History and description of business.
2. Strategy.
3. Management & employees.
4. Accounting records & management information.
5. Product/Technology.
6. Marketing & Sales.
7. Assets & Liabilities.
8. Taxation.
9. Legal Contracts.

We manage the disclosure process ensuring your senior management and staff are not distracted from performing at their best, running the business.

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