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The Post-acquisition Integration Playbook

This playbook provides a practical guide to integrating post-acquisition planning into your M&A program. In Part One the playbook sets out an approach to the pre-close phase of acquisitions. In Part Two we dive deep into the execution of the post-acquisition plan explaining the Integration Management Office (IMO).

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Why Acquisitions Fail

In this 24 Page pdf we examine why acquisitions fail. We suggest a better way. A new playbook that leads with post-acquisition thinking, empathy and continually ensuring strategic alignment.

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The Culture Factor

Read our latest article in Acquisition Aficionado magazine.
Acquiring a company may be the biggest business decision an executive makes in his or her career. The stakes are incredibly high in capital investment, personal and company reputation, and the future fortunes of both acquirer and acquiree. Yet, through all of this, an overwhelmingly important factor is often overlooked. That is the culture factor. How will the acquired company’s culture mesh with that of the acquiring company after the deal goes through?

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The Exit Playbook

The Exit Playbook examines the operational actions required to transform value and what it takes to exit successfully. Take the Saleability Test to assess your readiness for an exit.

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In this short ebook we highlight the key preparation steps when considering divestitures and an implementation plan to ensure strategic objectives are achieved.

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