Scaling Through Operational Excellence

What do we do?

Always in collaboration with the existing management team using a fractional model we become your Value Creation Team. We build businesses buyers love to buy. Of course some of our clients just hang on to the business!



Our work always starts with a Saleability Test™. It’s a 15 question assessment of how ready you are to achieve a premium exit. It assesses the key attributes that an acquirer cherishes. This gives you and TPP a landscape of your status. It points out the areas of value leakage that need to be prioritized. Successful entrepreneurship starts with looking through the lens of a buyer. Most owners look the lens of a seller.

  • We start with Repositioning and Branding
  • We take that story to market by prioritizing marketing
  • We build your sales organization around your story
  • We then over time align all activity to deliver operational excellence across the organization.
  • These protocols are captured in playbooks that allow repeatability and the seamless onboarding of new talent
  • Both organic and acquisition led tactics are executed
  • We create a strategic plan together with our clients and design a set of actions aligned to that plan and to address the value drivers. 

Our Credibility?

Our Operating Partners have scaled dozens of businesses across the globe and completed over 50 deals realizing over a $1 billion in value.


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Transforming Visions into Remarkable Businesses

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