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Why We’re Hired

Through Operational Excellence


The owners recognize the following:

  1. There are many weaknesses which will reduce the global audience of buyers who will pay a premium value when it’s prime time.
  2. The business failed to sell and buyers walked away.
  3. The business has stopped growing and is becoming increasing risky.
  4. The market is swamped with competitors and the business has lost its edge.
  5. There is a need for a strategic plan that captures the new opportunities in the marketplace.
  6. Dependency is becoming an obstacle to growth including reliance on the owners, key customers and legacy products.
  7. Staff engagement is low and new initiatives are needed to reimagine the business.
  8. Processes need to be improved and automated with the latest technology.
  9. Margins are below the industry average.
  10. Financial forecasts are unreliable.

By Acquisition


The Board recognizes the following:

  1. The need for a process that finds and successfully integrates targets.
  2. Deals are being lost to competitors.
  3. Management bandwidth is stretched and can’t handle Corporate Development duties.
  4. Sellers don’t view the acquirer as an attractive option.
  5. Value creation has not been realized.
  6. Human capital and cultural fit were not thought through.
  7. The acquisition program is not learning form previous mistakes.
  8. Operators in the business have limited M&A skills.
  9. There is a need for a fresh approach to post-acquisition integration planning.
  10. The IMO needs a stronger PM.