Scaling Organically

Scaling a business is tough. Scaling isn’t just growing. There’s more to it than that. Scaling is growth with CAPS. Control, Alignment, Predictability and Safety.

We measure success through the lens of an acquirer. This simple approach has the potential to increase shareholder value dramatically, whilst improving the lives of your customers.

To achieve this you need know-how. We offer that know-how. You can hire TPP to make stuff happen. We’ll be in your business every week directing actions, doing stuff and transferring know-how. Our team will fill the missing role that will transform the trajectory of your business. Your investment will be a fraction of a fully loaded C-Suite executive and the ROI will be compelling.

It’s a unique partnership between owners and senior talent that ensures the right stuff gets done. These are all-in roles. These are not consultancy roles. Our partners are experienced operators who own problems.

Our work creates a legacy of great process maps and playbooks to allow the business to scale, allow talent to develop and to create a remarkable business that will always look attractive to an acquier even if you never sell.

Likely clients include:

  • Owners who want to spend more time on strategic matters to enhance shareholder value
  • Owners who are running their business but can’t get the job done through lack of bandwidth
  • Owners who want to sell their business in 9 months to 3 years
  • A management team missing a strong finance chief who can create the right metrics culture, a curious mind who can find answers to why things are happening and fix them.
  • A management team needing a seasoned chief marketing officer who gets the new connected economy. A CMO who understands positioning, story telling and the need to be remarkable not invisible.
  • A management team that is stretched because of a new acquisition, a new business opportunity, a new business model, a new service offering.
  • A business producing EBITDA of $1m or above.