Our Partners have advised or run over 50 enterprises, some private, some public and always helping them to scale organically and by acquisition. We have led 8 turnarounds, launched several start ups with great success, scaled many private companies to award winning performances and executed dozens of successful exits at premium prices. We’ve been involved in every aspect of entrepreneurship from MBOs, divestments, acquisitions, acquiring minority equity stakes, and VC capital raising. Our partners have held roles across the C-Suite: CEO, President, COO, CFO, CMO, and Chief Legal Council.




This type of know-how can transform visions into remarkable businesses!



Some of the Sectors covered over the last 30 years:


  1. Software Tools Applications
  2. Next-gen wireless communication
  3. High Tech Manufacturing
  4. Student Travel
  5. HR Outsourcing
  6. IT Contract Recruitment
  7. Aviation Contract Recruitment
  8. Precision Metal Manufacturing
  9. Specialist Contractor
  10. Telecoms Distributor
  11. Transport
  12. Toy Manufacturer
  13. Pharma Publishing
  14. PR House
  15. Software Design Automation
  16. Education Software
  17. Advertising Agency
  18. Consumer Magazines
  19. Medical Locum
  20. Specialist Healthcare