TPP’s Workshop Series

Ian and his team deliver a collection of workshops throughout the year to explain their Playbooks and how to implement them. Designed to help you and your team close the Value Gap, these are hands on practical, interactive sessions. Public versions are advertised throughout the year and a tailored version, done in-house on your site, is also available.

All workshops begin with a discussion on Scaling and the Value Gap explaining how our integrated playbooks can transform your business.

Workshop #1: Repositioning & Messaging
How does a business build an attractive positioning and translate it into a compelling marketing narrative? You examine the competition, your unique skills, your value proposition and you define the voice of the company, that special narrative that will be remembered by prospects and compel them to take action. Come and learn the details.

Workshop #2: Acquisitions
What are the best process maps and tactics to complete acquisitions and integrate them seamlessly? Let us show you a powerful framework to Our Acquisitions Approvals Model guaranteed to find, complete and integrate relevant acquisitions at attractive prices.

Workshop #3: Integrated Sales Process
How do you create a high growth sales environment with world class repeatable sales processes and a well trained sales team? You build a new sales process, integrated with your messaging, ensuring an efficient filtering of prospects and a compelling dialogue with decision makers leading to a quantum leap in sales. Come and hear how we have implemented this process and the lessons learned.

Workshop #4: Product Launches
How do you build innovation into your culture and ship award winning products? You implement a DSMO approach, aligning Development, Sales, Marketing & Operations to ensure that the product or service is market ready at launch date. Find out how it works in practice.

Workshop #5: Talent Pool
How do you attract the best talent and nurture them? You create an internal university. You rip up job specs and replace them with Performance Profiles. Come and hear many low cost ideas to win the war on talent acquisition.

Workshop #6: Metrics
How do you build a metrics culture that is relentlessly curious? Today’s technology allows us to measure a plethora of Key performance indicators with the speed and accuracy only dreamt about 10 years ago. The key is to understand that, who you are, is what you measure.

Workshop #7: Business Models
What are the best business models and how could you improve yours? You create predictable sales and earnings growth by examining the various ways of bringing your product to market and the economics of various scenarios. Transform your model, make it sticky.

Workshop #8: Raising Capital
Big Problem: How do you raise venture or private equity money and beat the odds? You build presentations that investors will love and will want to fund.

Workshop #9: Compliance and Controls
How do you minimize risk and build robustness into your business as it grows? You create a new enhanced set of light, simple processes to ensure that all compliance, regulatory and control issues are dealt with as a normal part of trading.

For more information on a workshop to suit you call Ian on 978 395 1155 or email

Audience Reaction

  • I was highly impressed with your presentation. It was clear, it gave examples, and it was engaging. I came out knowing more than I knew going in.
  • I deal with many start-up and emerging business ventures and this presentation really touched upon some very enlightening and practical methods of presenting a business concept to a potential investor. Ian did a great job of making the presentation short, practical and resourceful. Nice job!
  • I really enjoyed your presentation. Your combination of humor, wisdom, and passion made it easy to stay engaged. Thank you!
  • Your technique of eliciting questions from the audience before the presentation insured that your audience would get what they came for. And they did. Thanks.
  • I have long since lost count of how many “how to raise money” presentations I have seen. What stands out about yours? — Demonstrating the importance of the company being exceptional. We both know that is important, but most people don’t mention it when describing the funding process. The rule for start-ups is that you will not get funded. To be successful you have to figure out how to break the rule.
  • Ian; I enjoyed your stories and presentation this morning at the 128 Venture North breakfast event. You are very interesting, entertaining and knowledgeable.
  • This was a superb presentation covering a detailed subject clearly.
  • Excellent tips, very good pace and interesting topic and case studies. More please!
  • Ian knows his subject with a great balance of facts and humor.