Metrics Implementation Services


Big Problem: How do you build a metrics culture that is relentlessly curious?

Creating a metrics driven culture – do any of these sound familiar?

You have a dashboard but it is not being used. Maybe sales or revenue is the only metric the team reviews. The dashboard does not get issued and nobody notices. Or you have so many metrics it is hard to know which ones are the critical ones. Maybe there is no link between metrics and the key levers. Or maybe the metrics are all rear mirror metrics. Are the incentive plans focusing on the wrong behaviors that do not drive the critical metrics?

We can assist you in developing a dashboard that will be used by senior management and those who own the processes that drive real value for your customers.


Our Playbook Solution: 

  1. The Metrics Playbook is a refreshing approach to all metrics that require to be measured to stay competitive, profitable and effective. Today’s technology allows us to measure a plethora of Key performance indicators with the speed and accuracy only dreamt about 10 years ago.
  2.  The key is to understand that, who you are, is what you measure. We clarify your positioning to ensure we are measuring the key success drivers that wil drive growth.
  3.  We create a set of KPIs both financial and non-financial that measure the right stuff. Building on your existing metrics we create an enhanced reporting system that generates clear actions required. We believe in auditing the signals, keeping management agile and alert.
  4. For a metrics culture to work, people need to own their key metrics and do something about them. Metrics that are ignored are worthless.

The people side of implementing dashboards is usually the reason why metrics or key performance indicators are not being used. We have implemented a metrics driven culture for many small and medium sized businesses and divisions of several public companies.

Reach out for a review of your operational metrics. What gets measured gets done! Are you getting stuff done?