Our Philosophy

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Please understand the odds of creating a remarkable business that is valued by investors, acquirers and the stock market are very very low. As an example of value creation:

Here are some facts, According to Mergers & Acquisitions magazine there were 5900 US deals in 2011 with a value of $10m or more. The total number of US firms from the 2008 US Census data is around 27.3 million. There are only around 15,000 public companies and so most of the 27.3m are private companies. Therefore if you are an owner of a private company the probability of selling out for $10m or above is 1 in 4500!

The Value Gap

These facts then lead us to the Value Gap. That is the difference between the value TODAY and the potential FUTURE value of your business if it is scaled successfully.

We want to help you close that gap.

We believe the odds can be beaten, changed dramatically in your favour by the insertion of Magic Years thinking. This requires you as the owner to think big. To think like the Big Boys! To understand the difference between Growth and Scaling.
Scaling a business is not the same as growing a business. Scaling implies alignment, control, predictability, fast but with safety.


The Magic Years

The “Magic Years” are where the real wealth is created. By working on the right stuff as described in our 9 Big Playbooks over a sustained period of time you can create a much more valuable business. By nailing these Critical Success Factors, you will drive shareholder value through the roof. You will scale your business safely. We work closely with you performing the role of Chief Operating Officer.

It’s not about building to sell as much as building something remarkable that is saleable if you want to. It gives you options in life.


Andy Lutts – CEO Net Atlantic – email marketing, Inc 5000

“Net Atlantic relies on ongoing support from the TPP team, from positioning, sales process guidance, marketing ideas and also expertise with our acquisition strategy. It has been a strong relationship over the last two years, which has allowed our leadership team to capitalize on it’s potential. Ian is also a valued member of our Advisory Board although frankly I feel I can pick the phone up at anytime to validate my thinking.”

Peter Jones – CEO ACIS – 3rd largest student travel Co in US

“ACIS has partnered with TPP to help reposition itself in a fiscally tight economic environment. I have been in this business for 30 years and yet TPP brought me a completely fresh perspective on my company and it’s positioning in the market. It’s the quality of their operational expertize which has allowed my staff to perform at a much higher level and of course they enjoy it. Since 2011 to our most recent event – 2013 Fall annual conference, we have partnered with TPP to successfully deliver results.

Rich Gedney – CEO ADMET -Material Testing Systems Inc 5000

“ADMET has successfully deployed TPP’s sales and marketing playbooks to accelerate the scaling of the business in a controlled, safe and aligned way. I want to grow a sustainable business for the long term and partnering with TPP has allowed me to execute that plan. This is an ongoing operational partnership.”