Big Problem: How does a business build an attractive positioning and translate it into a compelling marketing narrative

Positioning drives everything. Who you are defines your story, influences the talent you attract, defines your business model, inspires your sales scripts. We revisit the fundamental business you are in. We examine the competition, your unique skills, your value proposition. We then reconcile your positioning with all of your marketing collateral wherever it resides. This allows us to collaborate with you to define the voice of the company, that special narrative that will be remembered by prospects and compel  them to take action. Finally we design and execute action plans across your buiness to ensure your positioning drives growth and allows you to scale your business aggressively but safely.

Our Process Map

Our process map sets out the stages to success. This process will allow the management team to rebuild a vision for their company that meets the current needs of a unique market and inspires every member of staff to make a difference.



Phase 1 – Strategic Audit

Repositioning a company starts with a discovery process. It starts with great questions. Are consumption patterns changing, are business models emerging, why are margins dropping, is new legislation coming at me, is market share dropping off? There are literally hundreds of important questions that need answers, and these answers need insightful interpretation.

Phase 2 – Repositioning Workshops

This is a great technique for reviewing the best way forward. To really rehearse potential market segments that you could dominate based on your unique skills. This is no easy task. There is still too much mystery interpreting the significance of market events eg banking, newspapers, music, software, automotive sectors have all been generating a plethora of signals to their respective players that repositioning is essential! The result of this disconnection between the external data and execution of a new strategy is a collection of businesses who have lost their way, Borders, Motorola, Nokia and a 1000 private companies who also missed the bend in the road.

Phase 3 – Validation

It is so easy to believe your own hype. You need to stress test your positioning and sales scripts with real people – your customers. Engage in deep conversations with your prospects and customers to understand what is resonating. Are you really scratching a big itch in the market? Even if it exists does it appear on your customer’s priority list? Test drive the scripts and listen carefully using diagnostic questions to understand what really keeps them up at night.

Phase 4 – Execution Plan

The execution of a compelling story, a great positioning, requires management to recognize that all moving parts of the business need to embrace this execution. Operations, sales, marketing, product road maps, everything needs to recalibrate around your defined identity.

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