Sales Process Implementation


Big Problem: How do you create a high growth sales environment with world class repeatable sales processes and a well trained sales team?

Our Solution: The Sales Playbook addresses a comprehensive sales process that aligns your messaging with sales scripts that deliver rich conversations with your prospects. It teaches sales professionals how to sound like businessman, put costs around problems, look for symptoms of live issues that have severe consequences. It teaches curiosity and awareness of a prospect’s world, in their language. It explains and develops Engagement Strategies for accounts that cause a far higher level of traction between you and your customers. We build a new sales process, integrated with your messaging, ensuring an efficient filtering of prospects and a compelling dialogue with decision makers leading to a quantum leap in sales.


  1.  We teach a simple effective sales process that builds around improving the life of your prospect.
  2. We build a set of diagnostic questions that will you and your prospect to understand the urgent issues worth prioritizing.
  3. Our system opens up the prospect to understand the key success criteria of a solution. We ensure that prospects are making decisions based on the true ROI.
  4. We ensure that the prospect is crystal clear how they will use the product on a Monday morning!
  5. Time kills deals. We deploy reverse timelines, ie if you really want implementation by August 1st then we need to get the PO processed by June 1st. We need to be honest about the lead times for success.
  6. We need to understand the process by which the client will assess any solution. Help the client define the important criteria needed of any solution.
  7. Proposals should always be documents of confirmation. There should be no surprises, no mystery in proposals. Therefore to avoid this happening, we send out a dry run email with the proposed solution, relevant success criteria that will be achieved, price, and ROI docs. We call it a recap document.
  8. Assuming a positive confirmation of the recap document then a formal proposal document can be prepared knowing the client is happy to receive it.
  9. In our system POs do not signal the end of the relationship. Being attentive to the client during the delivery process confirms your status as someone concerned about the customer’s business, not just your own.
  10. Our system is tested inside your team until they are confident to use it on every deal. Our role playing, training and onboarding are harsh but fair.
  11. Our process integrates seamlessly with your favorite CRM system.