Over the past two years, Ian has been an integral member of Web Industries’ Corporate Development group along with our acquisition team. During this time, Ian utilized his excellent background and skills to assist us in developing a fully integrated and repeatable acquisition process, which utilizes his Acquisition Process Model. He fully integrated this process into Web with skill and empathy, ensuring alignment with our existing playbooks. Ian has been an important part of Web’s acquisition team, assisting in the identification of key strategic acquisition prospects and the subsequent acquisition of Omega Systèmes in France. Ian’s clear direction, insightful commercial judgment, and well-honed financial and technical skills aided in the completion of this deal. Additionally, his organizational skills along with his keen insights were instrumental in our post-acquisition integration process, ensuring success in our post Integration Management Office.


Kevin Young

Vice President Corporate Development, Web Industries

As a client of Ian’s for nearly 10 years, I’ve always been impressed with both the objectivity of his advice and the decisiveness of his negotiation skills. Rather than a traditional advisor role, Ian acted as our Corporate Development Director bonding with the team. The sellers on the opposite side of the table continually saw one seamless acquisition team facing them, consistent, professional, courteous and effective. Apart from his role as an M&A advisor, Ian provided very valuable advice to the major shareholders of our company, relating to value enhancement and ultimate exit strategies.

Peter Keenan

Ex CEO , Parc Aviation



Ian Smith is a CEO that gets it! He possesses that rare blend of strategic thinker with superb operational skills. This is necessary in today’s business environment.  Connecting the dots between operations and sales/marketing is a vital coordination in today’s business environment and Ian is able to manage these areas while keeping fiscally sound in the process.

HR Knowledge has worked with Ian Smith in the past/present and will do so in the future.  He helps to bring a balanced perspective that is needed in Corporate America today.


Jeffrey C. Garr

Founder & CEO , HR Knowledge, Inc. HR Outsourced Services, Inc. 5000


Net Atlantic relies on ongoing support from the TPP team, from positioning, sales process guidance, marketing ideas and also expertise with our acquisition strategy. It has been a strong relationship over the last two years, which has allowed our leadership team to capitalize on it’s potential. Ian is also a valued member of our Advisory Board although frankly I feel I can pick the phone up at anytime to validate my thinking.


Andy Lutts

CEO , Net Atlantic - email marketing, Inc. 5000


ACIS has partnered with TPP to help reposition itself in a fiscally tight economic environment. I have been in this business for 30 years and yet TPP brought me a completely fresh perspective on my company and it’s positioning in the market. It’s the quality of their operational expertize which has allowed my staff to perform at a much higher level and of course they enjoy it. Since 2011 to our most recent events, we have partnered with TPP to successfully deliver results.


Peter Jones

CEO , ACIS – 3rd largest student travel Co in US

ADMET has successfully deployed TPP’s sales and marketing playbooks to accelerate the scaling of the business in a controlled, safe and aligned way. I want to grow a sustainable business for the long term and partnering with TPP has allowed me to execute that plan. This is an ongoing operational partnership.”
Rich Gedney

CEO , ADMET - Material Testing Systems Inc 5000

I had the pleasure of working for Ian at Teamstudio over a several year period. Ian is extremely passionate and brings a level of energy that lifts those around him. It was because of Ian’s leadership that Teamstudio was able to experience record growth. Ian is a difference maker which would prove to be quite an asset to any company looking for growth. His knowledge alone would be key to take a company from good to great, add the energy and you have an extremely powerful A player. I would be happy to work with Ian in the future.
Dan Ribreau

Enterprise Partnerships New England Qlik

The key to success in developing a vibrant sales culture is working with company Presidents who “get it”. Ian Smith is a pragmatic hands-on leader who understands what it takes to build a successful company. Ian lead his worldwide sales team to deliver unprecedented results in a non-growth market. As CEO of a sales performance enhancement firm, I understand the difference between a leader who is involved vs. one who is committed to excellence. Ian delivers because he surrounds himself with those with the same philosophy.
Jim Ayraud

CEO and Founder, Next Level, Inc.

Ian is a high-energy, high-impact leader who combines great analytical and execution skills. He has the ability to cut through complexity and communicate in plain English. He drove the growth of Teamstudio from the front but always brought out the best in his team to support him.
Mark Collison

Director of FP&A, National Grid USA

When I came back to work for Teamstudio in 2003 under Ian Smith I saw the company change significantly, sales increased worldwide, internal systems improved dramatically and he created a real buzz within the sales teams. Not only is Ian an extremely articulate businessman, he is also an outstanding individual with exceptional drive, credibility and uncompromising ethics. He possesses the proven ability to take a salesperson’s strengths and help them become successful.”
Jonathan Riches

Global Account Manager, SAS

Ian took a proactive interest in the development of the company’s personnel. He created an environment of opportunity that prompted each function to perform at an optimal level. His visionary leadership made Teamstudio a fun and exciting place to sell technology and services. I highly recommend any opportunity you have to work with Ian.
Rory Gaunt

CEO , Lifecycle Renewables, Inc.

Call Ian on 978 395 1155 or drop him an email Ian@TPPBoston.com