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July 20th – Boston – CEO Club of Boston Invites Ian Smith to Speak –

Building Businesses Buyers Love To Buy  – How To Ace The Saleability Test

Fact: There are approximately 28 million enterprises in the U.S. Every year in the U.S. only 6000 companies sell out for $10m or more. Still sure you can sell your business one day?

Making a business more valuable is an operational problem. Obtaining the best price when selling is an investment banking problem. Don’t confuse them

Is your business saleable today?  Could you pass the Saleability Test?

The Saleability Test is a scorecard measuring 15 criteria that influence the value placed on businesses by buyers. Low scores can indicate that a deal is just not possible. Improving your scores on these criteria will make your business significantly more valuable over time, whether you sell it or not. Think of it as anOptions Strategy not an Exit Strategy.
This workshop will score your business live, tell you what it means and highlight operational actions YOU can take to ensure you are increasing shareholder value.