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March 7, 2016


The Portfolio Partnership Forms New Partnership with Midaxo

Solves Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Integration Failure

BOSTON, MA – The Portfolio Partnership (TPP), an acquisition support services practice today announced a new partnership with Midaxo, the award-winning M&A cloud-based software platform. The new partnership will deliver a much needed, automated playbook to the acquisition process, helping to solve integration failure, endemic in most deals.

According to a recent EY survey we are entering a phase of enhanced power for the Corporate Development team, as growth and M&A become symbiotic, driving shareholder wealth. This is forcing the need for a common collaboration platform aligning CEOs, Corporate Development teams and profit champions.

“Managing an acquisition process for a company is often a tortuous project, because almost all of the senior executives involved have ’day’ jobs. The quarterback role, so desperately needed, is often missing. In addition, the acquisition process lacks a robust software platform to trap issues as they occur, maintain security and mitigate risk,” says Ian Smith, founder & CEO, TPP.

“Mergers & Acquisitions is the only major business process stuck in the 90s, with its lack of supporting information systems or consistent standard of practice. We need to move to Digital M&A, an improved way of working, enabled by digital technology. With digital M&A, information becomes centralized and management becomes easier. The Portfolio Partnership is one of a select few specialist advisors helping us to transform the M&A process,” says Ari J. Salonen, President, Midaxo Inc.

About The Portfolio Partnership (TPP): TPP specializes in scaling businesses by acquisition. We build M&A capability into organizations. We work alongside your leadership team to deploy our Acquisition Approvals Model to ensure only relevant targets are acquired, and are integrated seamlessly. The company is located in the Seaport District of Boston, MA.

More information can be found at
Twitter: @iandsmith

Company contact:

Ian D. Smith, Founder & CEO The Portfolio Partnership

+1 978 395 1155

About Midaxo:

Midaxo is a global provider of an award-winning cloud-based platform that helps companies easily systematize and run their M&A and other complex management processes. Easy-to-use and highly configurable, Midaxo enables M&A professionals to manage their activities from deal sourcing through valuation, transaction, and integration. With Midaxo, some of the world’s largest companies, including HP, Supreme Group and Danfoss, enjoy complete visibility and control over their critical M&A activities – and make well-informed decisions, avoid risks, and more quickly capture merger synergies. The company’s North American business, Midaxo, Inc., is located in Cambridge, Mass.

More information can be found at
Twitter: @midaxo

Company contact:

Ana Hasbun, Marketing Manager
+1 646-583-1577 (US)
+358 442 713 327 (EMEA)