Happy New Year to all our subscribers and followers.

Here is a little list (citation given if not mine) that might surprise you, and hopefully inspire you to look at your business or your client’s business through a new lens.


  1. BUSINESS: A business with a set of products that loses money is a set of products not a business.
  2. BUSINESS: There are really only two types. You are either remarkable or invisible. Seth Godin.
  3. BUSINESS: Building playbooks for all major functions based on operational excellence achieves two main objectives. It allows founders to let go essential functions to lesser beings and scale a business with a consistent performance.
  4. BUSINESS PLANS: These are not financial forecasts. They are a list of policies and assumptions supporting next year’s plan. The corollary of these policies is a set of numbers we call a business plan.
  5. ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The world is dominated by small business. In the US out of 6.1m companies that run a payroll only 116,000 companies employ 100 people or more.
  6. EXITS: 90% of businesses are not ready for the exit process, mainly because the owners continue to look through the lens of the seller instead of the buyer.
  7. FINANCE: Every financial performance can be explained by two reasons: volume and yield.
  8. FINANCE: If a set of numbers on a spreadsheet is interesting it’s probably wrong.
  9. FINANCE: Even Amazon’s financial performance can be explained by a 3 x 4 matrix. First column of table shows the 3 product categories, second column is the Profit achieved, the third column is the budget, and the fourth column is the difference or variance. Simplify to find insights.
  10. LEADERSHIP: Teach people to bring problems to the table wrapped in a solution (even if the solution sucks).
  11. LEADERSHIP: Culture isn’t a verb, it’s the corollary of a set of actions leaders have allowed to happen over time.
  12. LEADERSHIP: Every successful CEO when asked, what would you have done differently or faster, answers – I would have aligned my team’s efforts around the cause.
  13. M&A: Most acquirers fail not because of price but because of inadequate post-acquisition planning and integration.
  14. M&A: The secret to valuation is simple. Buyers perceive value. Sellers aspire to price.
  15. M&A: The most underrated question in negotiations is simply to clarify the other sides latest status.
  16. M&A: In negotiations always listen with your eyes.
  17. M&A: In negotiations always ask questions to understand why someone believes their assertions.
  18. M&A: When you are buying, you are selling your socks off.
  19. M&A: The most important virtue an acquirer can possess is to show respect.
  20. M&A: Buying a business is like buying a house as long as you remember the family comes with the house.
  21. MEETINGS: Most meetings have forgotten the question they were designed to answer.
  22. MOTIVATION: People come to work for many reasons. Money is not in the top three (assuming a living wage). The top three are Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose. Dan Pink.
  23. PRODUCTIVITY: Never confuse activity with effectiveness.
  24. SALES: Sales is not about selling stuff. It’s about building a relationship with prospects and clients to enable you to improve their lives.
  25. SALES: Value propositions are useless unless their compared with the competitor. Competitive value propositions with real data are compelling.
  26. SALES: The highest level of skill a sales professional can learn is to be masterful at diagnostic questions and hearing the answers.
  27. SALES: A sales professional is in the career enhancing business. Any product that has been purchased has had the ability to enhance that customer’s life.
  28. SALES & MARKETING: Marketing is about telling your story. Sales is about letting your prospect tell their story.
  29. STRATEGY: Positioning your company. Deciding which part of the universe you are going to serve is the most important decision of any leader.
  30. STRATEGY: Strategy is what you leave out.

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