One of the key elements of an acquisition strategy – Buy what you want to buy not what’s up for sale.
The question is: where do you look? Here are 10 places to look:

  1. Private Equity portfolio company lists (often on their web site).
  2. Trade show attendee lists.
  3. Inc 5000 lists. (or equivalent fast growing award winning lists in your country)
  4. Software 500 list.
  5. Gartner sector reviews
  6. Hoovers.
  7. Trade body member lists.
  8. Your sales teams, technical teams, marketing teams, Board members.
  9. Influencers, lawyers, investment bankers, accountants.
  10. Directories of all competitors by sector – Forrester Research.
And if you are serious about buying somebody on that list you might want to check out this post.
The Portfolio Partnership designs and executes acquisition strategies using our Acquisitions Approvals Model™
Part 9 of my new book explains the Model in some detail.