These are challenging and exciting times for management teams. However achieving results is never easy. Quietly efficient execution is required. That’s what we do at TPP. Behind the scenes, we make things happen. We add instant know-how to an already smart team. We are a team of successful CEOs/COOs/CMOs and of course CFOs that think the same way.

Typically our clients are small public companies, large or fast growing private companies and Private Equity Players and they reach out to us when:

  1. Their business is not scaling.
  2. Their management team bandwidth is stretched.
  3. Their acquisition process is weak and not automated. They lack operational M&A capability.
  4. Serious acquirers are approaching them and these interactions are becoming a distraction.
  5. A repositioning of the business is essential for survival.

Why TPP?

Because we:

  1. Execute our operational playbooks alongside your team to address the issues preventing scaling – creating a business that is growing with CAPS – Control, Alignment, Predictability and Safety.
  2. Fill roles that inject immediate capacity and know-how into the team – allowing management to handle that new acquisition, raise private equity, launch that new product, onboard that new contract, implement major IT improvements or whatever is stretching management.
  3. Embed our Acquirer’s Playbook (published this summer on Amazon) and perform the vital quarterback role to find, negotiate and integrate the right targets. Thus building M&A capability into your company and changing the odds of successfully acquiring companies.
  4. Ensure management handles these approaches efficiently and build enhanced operational processes into their business. This ensures when the time is right that the business aces the due diligence test and that management are NOT distracted by the exit process, allowing them to run the business.
  5. Execute our Repositioning Process Map to ensure the business not just survives but thrives with passion and energy delivering the new narrative and strategic plan. This builds a symbiotic relationship between departments, aligning objectives around the corporate goals and driving amazing engagement with staff.

An initial consultation with TPP is complimentary and totally confidential. Email me at