Hitting your sales targets is all about giving yourself a platform for success. Giving yourself many roadmaps to success. Every sales professional should know their Cookbook – that is the number of suspects they need to have in their pipeline at the beginning of the quarter to close the desired number of deals. Let me show you a simple example using 500 suspects and assuming you are using a simple 4 stage sales process like Jeff Thull’s Prime Process. I use Jeff’s process in all my businesses – simple and effective – Discovery, Diagnosis, Design and finally the receipt of a PO. More detail here.

  1. 500 suspects are taken through the Discovery stage.
  2. Say 75 make it through and are graduated into Diagnosis. They have a 10% chance of closing.
  3. Therefore 75 are taken through the Diagnosis phase.
  4. Say 15 make it through. These 15 have a 50% chance of closing.
  5. 15 are taken through the Design Stage.
  6. Say 10 make it through with a Proposal issued. They have a 75% chance of closing.
  7. Out of those 10 proposals only 7.5 on average receive a PO and are closed.
Selling is a game of numbers!



  • 75 enter Diagnosis – 10% chance – reality 7.5 close
  • 15 enter Design – 50% chance of closing – reality 7.5 close
  • 10 enter Delivery – 75% chance of closing – reality 7.5 close

So now you know how many deals you need to have in your pipeline to hit your target. Cookbooks.
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