Thank you for your support by voting for my new book. We are currently sitting at number #6 out of 70 nominated books on Management!

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Testimonials so far:

Derek Sivers, founder, CD – Great advice in a great format. 60 little stand-alone chapters, each compiling helpful wisdom from his and others’ experience. A great read, especially for those so busy they only find a few minutes at a time.

Tom Deans Ph.D. – Award Winning Speaker and Author of the Best Selling Book Every Family’s Business – This is one on those rare books CEOs will keep in the top right – hand drawer of their desk.  Over time its worn edges and dog-eared cover will evidence its reliable straight shooting advice that kept its owner coming back for more elixir to the challenges of creating and monetizing value.

Joseph F. Trustey, Managing Director, Summit Partners, a leading US PE firm. – With the wit only a Scotsman can muster, Ian takes complicated business principles and brings them into the realm of the ordinary.

Amy Scott Boudnitskii – award winning film producer – Not only have I read the book but was fortunate enough to see Ian Smith speak in person. This is a valuable tool to anyone owning their own business, regardless of whether or not you are expanding, selling or just starting out as the valuable tools and insights can be applied to a business at any stage. I recommend this book highly and also urge you to attend a seminar if Ian is speaking.

Really appreciate the support.