I thought I’d use my Blog platform to give a few more details on my exciting new role at Vamosa and to explain (briefly) the vision and the business results Vamosa delivers for clients like Deloitte, Bank of America, Fidelity, AstraZeneca, IBM, UK Government, Clifford Chance to name but a few.

First new contact details:

Ian Smith
Vamosa Inc.
Independence Wharf
470 Atlantic Ave – 4th Floor
MA 02210
617 273 8476 (office)
978 395 1155  (cell)

Second, the vision:  Vamosa brings Governance to an organization’s digital content specifically its web and document content.

It achieves a high level of Content Governance for clients by deploying its unique technology, processes and people.

Therefore finally, In plain English, this means it has achieved the following for clients:

  1. Transformed content into findable knowledge – which has reduced costs, increased efficiency and increased customer service
  2. Lowered the cost of e-discovery – litigation ready, streamlining content, built into day 1 is a high level of tagged quality content
  3. Monitored and maintained web site policies  – thus reducing risk (the exposure of personal info), and increased interaction and sales
  4. Delivered seamless migrations, cutting timescales, human error and of course minimized costs

So if you have 1000s of web pages and they are all under control and being monitored or you have 100,000s of Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and you can always find what you need, then we can’t help you!

Love to hear from you.