Just a few thoughts on a subject that terrifies most people. My best performances have come when I remembered these simple little points:

10 Pointers
  1. Ratio of preparation to speaking about 12:1.
  2. Talk at your audience and spray your eyes around the room, pause to focus on a few people for effect.
  3. Tune up your humility and tone down your ego.
  4. Always tell a story.
  5. Speak at 50% of your normal conversational voice.
  6. Every 15 min do something dramatic to change the pace – you are about to lose your audience.
  7. The audience are there to have fun, learn and possibly be entertained. They are not there to embarrass you.
  8. If using slides – write your key story line of each slide and read that instead of the bullet point.
  9. And if you find yourself using more than 15 slides – curate.
  10. And use very few bullet points if any – plenty of big bold images like this.
and oh yes, smile a lot and always end on time!