When I completed my first acquisition of another company it was 1990 and life was a little different from 2015 but the odds of completing an acquisition successfully are still long. Secondly, that first acquisition was so tortuous I became committed to building a process and a set of checklists that would make life easier the next time. I’ve fine-tuned the process over the years after each deal, building in key steps to solve problems encountered and frankly borrowing little tricks from clients and colleagues (there’s probably around 50 deals that have contributed to the structure and philosophy of the model). I named it – The Acquisition Approvals Model. This free e-book explains the model in some detail, giving novices a real structure to follow and for those practiced acquirers perhaps it delivers a little health check of your own system.

I really hope this helps change the odds in your favor.

My Playbook covers the following:

  • Acquisition Teams – A Few Questions Before You Start
  • Acquisitions – The Process Map
  • Strategy & Target Identification
  • Assessment of Target & Negotiation
  • Due Diligence, Contracts & Earn-Outs
  • Post Acquisition Integration
  • Operational Tricks
  • Why Acquisitions Fail
  • Post Acquisition Integration – the culture problem
  • True Benefits of Acquisitions
  • How Much Am I Worth?

Just download here for a free copy.

Please note private in-house workshops are available for your team. Just email me at ian.smith@portfoliopartnership.com