Merry Christmas and best wishes for the holiday season.

I thought you might enjoy a selection of Smith Report blogs from this year. I’ve tried to spread out the subjects covered for maximum value.

  1.  Where the CEO spends time is an investment decision
  2. A successful sales process understands how people buy
  3. Does your leadership have legitimacy?
  4. What your investment bank can’t do for your exit
  5. Entrepreneurs make terrible managers – Part 1
  6. Entrepreneurs make terrible managers – Part 2
  7. Exit strategy vs. keep it strategy
  8. The power of questions
  9. Is your balance sheet fit for scaling?
  10. CEOs – read this then look at your web site
  11. Scaling a B2B software company
  12. The new sales playbook for manufacturers – 5 moves
  13. The merger of mid-market businesses – integration playbook
  14. The CEO’s checklist
  15. Scaling professional service businesses
  16. Your staff are disengaged – 5 actions you need to consider
  17. 20 reasons why you will never sell your business
  18. How to drive alignment between sales & marketing
  19. Know-how 20 tips to save owners time
  20. Why scaling a business fails
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