I’m delighted to announce the new Portfolio Partnership team, web site and service offerings are launched!

Please check out the cool new site. 

What We Do: Its all about helping you increase the Value of Your Business. By deploying our Playbooks in an integrated way, over successive 100 day plans we believe we can transform your business making it more valuable, more fun and ultimately more saleable.

The Smith Report will continue to be the main vehicle for sharing new ideas, tips, business models, anything we believe will help you build a remarkable business.

Workshops: We will be looking for opportunities to speak at appropriate events in the fall to articulate the best practice advice within our Playbooks.

1 in 6000: That’s the odds of selling your business for $10m or more. A little depressing! Let’s move the dial – reach out today and start a conversation.

New Book: More details later but I will be publishing a collection of my best blog posts in October and maybe sooner on the Amazon platform with Kindle & Nook versions.

Tell me what you think.

All the best.