1. In the US the odds of selling a business for $10m or more in 2011 were 1 in 4627 or 0.022%. (5900 out of 27.3m US businesses)
  2. In the UK the odds of would be pop stars being signed by a record label in 2011 were 1 in 3428 or 0.029%. (175 out of 600,000)
  3. The odds of converting a sales prospect from a cold start all the way through to a Purchase order, around 1.5%
  4. The odds, using a world class sales process , of converting a sales proposal to a Purchase Order around 75%.
  5. Given that there are 57 million males in the US aged 50 or older. If you are aged 50 or older, the odds of running faster than me over 400m indoors on a track this year are 1 in 57m or 0.0000018%. Incidentally the time to beat is 55.78 sec. Nobody has yet!
Do you understand your odds of success and are you doing something about it?