Boston, Mass. – August 20, 2013 – The Portfolio Partnership (TPP) a new practice that specializes in scaling private companies, announces some early successes only 2 years after being formed. We are proud to announce that 3 client companies have been included on the prestigious 2013 Inc. 5000 list. “There are 27.3m private companies in the US and therefore to be nominated in the fastest growing 5000 companies in the country is a great honor.” said Ian Smith, CEO of TPP.We are fortunate to work with talented leaders and management teams. Each client we assist has a passion to make a difference, to make a dent in their sectors. All three companies have embraced TPP’s mindset and playbooks to scale their businesses. These teams have produced superb results in the midst of the worst economy in our lifetime. Inc. 5000 awards are a great opportunity to celebrate the smaller and mid-market companies that are the engine room of economic growth.

The 3 clients are:

#1 – Net Atlantic: Ranking #2097 Growth 178%

With 18 years of email marketing experience, Net Atlantic offers the best commercial email marketing solutions with the best server management experience and administration in the industry. Clients enjoy superior results including: high email deliverability, superior segmentation and automation (you choose who gets your email messages and when), powerful email tracking and reporting, easy integration with your applications and complete customization, and personal and expert service. Net Atlantic serves most sectors and is able to deliver consistent results for clients by deploying world-class technology developed in-house, powered with either StrongMail or Lyris platforms, configured to your needs.

#2 – ADMET: Ranking #4377 Growth 54%

ADMET is a leading global manufacturer of innovative material testing systems. We enable customers to conduct comprehensive, repeatable tests to ASTM or ISO standards, while keeping costs under control and seamlessly integrating their testing procedures into their organization. Robust, easy to use and consistently accurate, ADMET material testing systems are supplied to the automotive, aerospace, biomedical, construction, plastics, metals, test lab, and education sectors as well as major government agencies. Customers include Lawrence Livermore National Lab, GE, DuPont, Boeing, US Steel, John Deere, Bechtel, Medtronic, and Harvard Medical School. The ADMET team has been solving materials testing problems for over 22 years, from basic applications to recent innovative breakthroughs in the medical sector.

#3 – ETM Manufacturing: Ranking #4710 Growth 44%

ETM has been fabricating metal for over 40 years. We understand the needs of OEMs. With state-of-the-art CNC fabrication and machining centers, ETM Manufacturing is used by many of New England’s leading OEMS. Clients include EMC, Pitney Bowes, Osram, and Teradyne. ETM is dedicated to improving the competitiveness of our customers’ supply chain by taking costs out the product lifecycle. ETM Manufacturing’s vision is to be the precision sheet metal manufacturer of choice for US based OEMs. ETM will build strategically placed small manufacturing hubs close to customers’ point of use throughout the US. We will execute a compressed supply chain, using lean techniques, in partnership with our customers to ensure that products are customized to customers’ needs, delivered on time and at continually competitive prices.


Andy Lutts – CEO Net Atlantic:

“Net Atlantic relies on ongoing support from the TPP team, from positioning, sales process guidance, marketing ideas and also expertise with our acquisition strategy. It has been a strong relationship over the last two years, which has allowed our leadership team to capitalize on it’s potential. Ian is also a valued member of our Advisory Board although frankly I feel I can pick the phone up at anytime to validate my thinking.”

Richard Gedney – CEO ADMET:

“ADMET has successfully deployed TPP’s sales and marketing playbooks to accelerate the scaling of the business in a controlled, safe and aligned way. I want to grow a sustainable business for the long term and partnering with TPP has allowed me to execute that plan. This is an ongoing operational partnership.”

Rob Olney – CEO ETM:

“ETM reached out to TPP to help reposition itself as a premier supply chain partner to New England’s leading OEMs. That was the story I wanted to tell across all marketing and sales collateral and processes. I regard TPP as an ongoing partner in executing our plan and their ability to work seamlessly alongside our management team is highly valued.”

Contact Ian Smith, CEO The Portfolio Partnership on 978 395 1155 or email at for further details.

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