Times change and markets change. Over the last few months I’ve been busy recalibrating the TPP practice to better serve the needs of the market. Rarely do I use the blog platform – The Smith Report – to explain The Portfolio Partnership, but I thought this was a rare exception.

We believe the current market needs encompass three symptoms: the difficulty of scaling private companies beyond $10m in sales, the need for some businesses to scale by acquisition and finally the private company owner who needs access to a chairman type role to mentor them. We believe the goal of TPP has not changed – to Transform Visions into Remarkable Businesses. However the way clients can engage with us needed to change.

TPP now offers three ways of hiring us:

Interim C-Suite Executives:

You can hire TPP to supply a full time CEO/COO/CFO or CMO on an interim basis to make stuff happenOur team will fill the missing role that will transform the trajectory of your business. These are intensive relationships working on the operational playbooks that fulfill the potential businesses. Several of the Partnership’s private clients are consistently ranked in the Inc. 5000 honors list. It’s a unique partnership between owners and senior talent that ensures the right stuff gets done. These are all-in roles. These are not consultancy roles. Our partners are experienced operators who own problems. Each assignment is full time until the role is back filled. Our role includes grooming a successor from inside or finding an external candidate from outside. Our work creates a legacy of great process maps and playbooks to allow the business to scale, allow talent to develop and to create a remarkable business.

Acquisition Support Services

The Portfolio Partnership offers a range of acquisition support services depending on the size of your team. We can perform the role of Corporate Development Director to drive your acquisition strategy. Or we can focus on certain aspects of the process where you feel exposed.

The key to our success is our Acquirer’s Playbook – a tried and trusted methodology that has been translated into a process map we call The Acquisitions Approvals Model. This is the process map we love to embed in our client’s business whether you are doing one deal or 20 deals per year. By using a tried and tested process we ensure that the team doesn’t miss things. We add experience and know-how to the talent and resources that already exist in your organization. We change the odds in your favor by finding answers to key questions.

Our approach is detailed in our new book, The Acquirer’s Playbook, available on Amazon shortly.

Chairman/Accountability Coach

Some might call it Non-Executive Chairman. Some might call it a mentoring role and recently in the US we hear it called an Accountability Coach. The title doesn’t matter but the role is important. Clients can engage The Portfolio Partnership to fulfill this role. Working as little as one hour per week or one day a month, we help entrepreneurs move their objectives forward. There are many challenges facing CEOs and their teams. It’s tough to keep focused on the right stuff.

In this capacity our role is to hold the CEO or specific members of the “C” suite accountable for their commitments. It requires the coach to be credible, experienced and tough.

We believe the biggest value is to keep the CEO and her team’s activities focused on working on the right stuff. Working on projects aligned to the strategic goals of the business.

We hope to announce some more exciting news in the coming days but that’s the background story for now.

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