Happy New Year – 2013! – Wow.

Well I’ve gathered together my most popular blog posts of 2012 based on open rates of 14% or more. Hope you enjoy a few again.

  1. The Power of Habit.
  2. Crazy Stats Behind Selling Out.
  3. 23 Business Questions Worth Answering.
  4. Analysis For Action – Self Managing Metrics
  5. Angel Investing – 11 Interesting Facts and Figures.
  6. What Do We Want From A Job?
  7. The Saleability Test & The Playbooks To Move The Dial.
  8. Summer Reading List.
  9. CEOs – Confusing Activity With Effectiveness.
  10. Redefining The Role of The CEO.
  11. Public Speaking.
  12. Finding Profitable Niches.
  13. Sales Professionals Are Choosing The Wrong Finishing Line.
  14. Positioning Is Your Most Urgent Issue.
  15. Do You Know Your Competition?
  16. Blog Post Ideas For CEOs.
  17. Family Businesses – A lesson From Japan.
  18. Preparing For A Great Sales Day.
I want more sign ups to my blog in 2013 so pass on the message to friends. Good luck with you execution in 2013 and remember growing a business is not the same as scaling!