So the recession is hurting, you’ve attacked costs, you’ve polished up your sales scripts and you still feel in trouble and in need of inspiration. The next five years will be an unusually attractive time to build a business! Enter a collection of contrarian views.

VF Corp, the world’s largest apparel maker by revenue, is continuing to add new retail stores and plans to snap up new brands.

Ticketmaster and are launching services to let customers buy tickets directly from their mobile phones.

Liquor giants are rolling out pre-mixed products to entice recession-weary Americans to serve more cocktails at home.

Valeant, a small Orange County, California drug maker is cutting its R&D budget by 50% to allow it to buy companies and execute licensing deals.

Paul Fireman, the man who founded Reebok, is in talks to invest $33m in a small LA based company, that makes $175 designer jeans.

In late January, as the US banking system was in turmoil, a tiny Hanover Community Bank on Long Island opened for business.

Wal-Mart is re-launching its Great Value Brand to establish an even stronger grip on the private label segment of the market.

As Borders struggles to cope with the recession, Barnes & Noble buys Top E-Book Retailer.

What unique market are you going to define and dominate over the next 5 years using contrarian thinking?