It’s tough for any business to keep up the rhythm of publishing remarkable marketing content week after week. But every leadership team needs to embrace this content requirement, this relentless publishing schedule as if it was their core business. The CEO needs to realize that her company’s story needs to be told every day and every week. The internet is on 24/7! Old content sends a message to the market. And this market includes not just prospects or customers or staff or prospective staff or competitors but all actors on the stage. By generating unremarkable content, by producing content infrequently, you are telling a story loud and clear – I don’t care what the world thinks about my business!

Think of it this way. Imagine your accounting system only recording transactions once every few months when you got round to it! Or imagine the accounting system only recording one in five transactions!

By adopting a complacent approach to marketing content in all its forms, you are undermining your digital footprint and credibility every day. Every search engine result is cutting you out the system. Potentially inferior competitors are being found and used.

But here is the good news. This content stuff can produce instant gratification. An investment in this area can produce measurable, compelling returns. Of course you need to measure it. You need to build a system and you need to put someone in charge who is accountable.

But then you wouldn’t think twice about doing that for your accounting system. Well not doing it for your marketing system in 2016 can’t be justified. The cost of doing nothing is not affordable!

Bring urgency to this area of your business and build the business you deserve.

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