Hana a new database tool from SAP is attempting to reduce complex business analysis from 12 hours to an instant, a blink of an eye! Hasso Plattner, the 68 year old founder of SAP was driven by the fear that the company’s innovation ability had stalled.

Siemens is trying to take $3.8Bn costs out of its supply chain over the next few years.

Now you might not be leading a team as large as SAP or Siemens but what is the one key project you need to deliver next year? No excuses, no procrastination, what needs to get done in calendar 2013. A few ideas to inspire:

  1. Launch a tweaked version of your product to dominate a specific sector.
  2. Find that key member of staff that will transform your team.
  3. Revamp the production line.
  4. Execute an acquisition using a robust profesional process to fulfill your strategy.
  5. Properly integrate this year’s acquisition.
  6. Raise the funds needed to give you the runway to scale your start up.
  7. Revamp your web site to attract the right kind of leads.
  8. Revamp your organizational structure to drive accountability and align effort.
  9. Align your marketing and sales narratives so that marketing and sales support each other.
  10. Change the culture of your business from departmental to project based to get the right stuff done.
You get to decide what that key project is. But trust me, unless you give it myopic focus and relentless gritty effort, you will be wondering where the year went and why it’s still on your To Do list this time next year.