The ability to perform tasks  well is directly related to when you do them.

  1. Running every night at 7pm after work would never work for me. However meeting a buddy at 6.15 am and doing 4 to 6 miles on the trails works almost every time. Finished and showered by 7sh ready for the day.
  2. Cold calling as a sales professional can be a nightmare task for some people. Picking up that phone at 9.00 am to start your day must be hell. On the other hand you may be in the flow at 2.oo pm to hit 2 hours of quality, engaging conversations. Even if you do that 3 days per week, it might just work.
  3. Holding a sales meeting at 10.00 am might work for you as the sales manager but your team thinks it sucks. Attention is strained. People are thinking about the calls they need to make. On the other hand  at 12 noon stopping activity and pulling everyone into a huddle to discuss clear next steps on key deals for 30 mins can work a charm.
  4. Alternatively teaching people new tricks in a lunch and learn for an hour is another great time for moving the ball forward. It feels like a good time, everyone learns and they are fed! Breakfast can also work if you start early enough.
  5. If your financial year end is December starting a policy discussion on the key elements of next year’s plan in the middle of December doesn’t work for me. Try the middle of November. Trust me it generates a far better plan for the business and plans matter.
  6. Onboarding a new member of staff needs careful preparation prior to her arrival. Her first day doesn’t count as careful preparation.
  7. Thinking about post-acquisition integration at the completion meeting is the equivalent of rearranging the deck-chairs on the Titanic. It needs to be done prior to contacting the target.
  8. Asking a sales prospect for a referral as he hands you a PO is way too early. Need to deliver the results you promised first.
  9. Waiting for talented team members to hand in their notice is the wrong time to offer a promotion.
  10. Telling your marketing team to plan the launch strategy of next month’s product launch doesn’t work for me.
What activities are you doing badly because of timing? Did someone tell you to do it then?