12 Key Steps

  1. What is the prospect trying to achieve? – Deployment of skilled diagnostic questions
    • Probably require the prospect and/or the Sales Professional doing some homework after initial conversation
    • What objectives are non negotiable?
    • What has happened in the past?
  2. Can we improve their situation, and solve a problem?
  3. Is your prospect convinced this is a priority problem?
  4. Can your prospect find the money? (ROI required?)
  5. Does everyone understand the decision making process?
  6. Do I need more answers to recommend a solution?
  7. Once I’ve really understood the prospect’s situation – what’s the best way of articulating my solution?
  8. How will the prospect know my solution fulfills their success criteria?
  9. Present recap of the solution and cost and ROI in a brief email.
  10. Clarify prospect can find the money again
  11. Prepare a proposal with impeccable detail, that articulates a solution the prospect recognizes, with no surprises.
  12.  Book calendar for “review of proposal meeting” and send the formal proposal with expectations on timetable.

This process works just as well for both inbound leads and prospecting outbound calls. It achieves a deep, rich, conversation with prospects and puts them at the top of the agenda not you!