As the owner of a private company how do you measure a good week? What are your jugular metrics when measured at 5pm on a Friday night that give you the essential picture?  I know there are literally 100 Key Performance Indicators you can measure but if I gave you the chance to list just 10. You only get the chance to look at 10. What are your 10? Here is an example of a manufacturing business I’m helping to scale. Each one relates to the week just ended:

10 Friday Night Jugular Metrics
  1. The week’s Shipped Sales Invoices in $
  2. Total Sales Invoices
  3. Purchase Orders Received $
  4. Leads generated Inbound Calls and Web Forms
  5. Unique Visitors to the Web Site
  6. New Leads entered into ACT/Sage CRM
  7. Customer Support Calls Unresolved
  8. New System Installations Completed
  9. Cash Receipts $
  10. Bank Balance
All metrics are added to a graph – 10 graphs with previous year numbers already on the graph.
Habits like this can drive businesses. They can create a velocity. What’s your top ten?