I’d like to shine a spotlight on a CEO Club I joined earlier this year. As a CEO, I think you should consider joining this one. As Fred’s home page states:

CEO Club of Boston improves the quality and profitability of enterprises through the power of shared experience and personal growth.

Ideal size of business? To maximize your benefit from this peer group, I’d suggest you will be running a business with revenue in excess of $5m. I’ve met CEOs at the club, running businesses from $5m to $140m.

What will you get from it? – Here’s my top 5:

  1. Solutions from experienced fellow CEOs that are likely to have faced your challenges.
  2. Knowledge from specialist speakers with deep knowledge of their domain. Web analytics, leadership skills, health care minefield, sales training, psychology, public speaking, rewiring the brain, brand building, scaling models, collaboration models to name just a few topics I’ve enjoyed.
  3. Roundtables with no more than 3 to 4 friends, who will allow you to debate a confidential issue with no judgement or bias. You might even solve a problem.
  4. A chance to work on your business not in your business.
  5. An opportunity to meet friends for life.

Check out the details here. Reach out to me for a confidential chat, if you prefer 978 395 1155. Reach out to Fred Green at ceoclub.boston@gmail.com