In the month of October we’ve been holding some very intensive CEO workshops. Before we address these audiences we look at their web sites. This post is about that review. It wasn’t pretty.

To transform your vision into a remarkable business you need to start somewhere. Let us assume you have validated your products or services over the last 5 to 20 years and produced a business that is profitable and growing. However to really own the space, the sliver of the market that could be your little monopoly, you need to revisit your public voice. Your web site. Here is the gold standard that your web site needs to achieve:

7 Essential Objectives
  1. Translates your vision into a meaningful description of what you do, the outcomes you achieve for clients, the names of those clients and why you are so special at it.
  2. Explains how clients use your products or services within their existing business constraints.
  3. Articulates the issues and consequences your prospects are suffering.
  4. Spells out the exact type of people whose personal performance will be enhanced by using this product.
  5. Shares authentic testimonials from clients who spell out the challenges they faced, the solution they found from you and the results they achieved.
  6. Shows the prospect how to engage, review or buy the product at the level a 5th grader could understand.
  7. Reveals the people behind the business to allow an assessment of who I’m dealing with.

Everything else on your web site either supports these seven or is fluff. Failing to nail your positioning, your story on your web site, in today’s marketplace, will cause leakage in every aspect of your business. From lead generation, sales conversations, sales conversions, customer support calls through to attracting world class talent. And of course you will never be seen to be remarkable.

It’s no coincidence that our initial short and sharp Discovery project starts with a comprehensive review of your web site. And you would be amazed how many web sites give a crystal clear window into the state of a company. Reach out to understand the outcomes we achieve from our Discovery projects. You are either remarkable or invisible. Your choice.