When I started blogging in the summer of 2008 on a regular basis I had a simple objective, to share short, sharp pieces of operational advice that had worked for me over the last 25 years.

Specifically I aspired to help owners and their teams make their businesses:

  • Run better
  • More fun
  • More valuable and saleable (one day)
  • And to help them Fulfill the potential of their business

Ultimately to help them create business value.

I know I was expecting a lot!

I actually wrote my blog posts to a plan. The plan was to answer 9 big questions that I felt made a significant difference to the success of a business. These were:

  1. How do you define and dominate your unique market?
  2. How do you create a high growth business?
  3. How do you build innovation into your culture?
  4. How do you attract the best talent and nurture them?
  5. How do you build a metrics culture that is relentlessly curious?
  6. What are the best business models?
  7. How do you raise venture or private equity money?
  8. How do you minimize risk and build robustness into your business?
  9. How do you do acquisitions and integrate them seamlessly?

Please use the search button on the sidebar to the blog to find blog posts that help answer these questions.

What questions are you trying to answer to build a more successful business?