I was recently introduced to Janet Swaysland a very experienced, successful lady in the field of communications and employee engagement who shared many ideas with me. I’m fascinated by employee engagement or lack of it. One concept she shared with me that I need to share with you – Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle. I’ve given you a link at the bottom to Simon’s TedTalk.

It just summarized for me why I do what I do. It might clarify your thoughts as you build your business. Simon’s thesis is very simple. Successful people often follow a consistent little formula (I’m not sure if they realize they are doing it). Simon, I believe has perfectly translated and simplified that formula for us all to enjoy.

Most of us instinctively talk about what we do and then how we do it but rarely do we know or share why we do something! Simon references Apple, Martin Luther King Jr, Wright Brothers as examples who succeeded by recognizing that success comes from reversing that order. Start with telling people Why you do something, then How you do it and finally What you do.

More Real Examples

  • The Portfolio Partnership delivers two main services –
    Service #1 – Grooming For Sale
    Why: We believe companies are not fulfilling their potential. We believe all companies owners can only increase shareholder value by looking through the lens of an acquirer.
    How: By measuring through the 15 metrics that acquirer/investors cherish, management work on the right stuff.
    What: We work alongside management and owners as masters of maximizing performance against those metrics.

Service #2 – Acquisition Support Services
Why: Most acquisitions are a failure because acquirers don’t prioritize integration of the target from the first interactions with the target.
How: Our trademarked process pushes post-acquisition integration to the top of the agenda, thus allowing only targets with a strong cultural and integration fit into the negotiation room.
What: We embed our acquisition process into companies which ensures only the right targets are acquired at the right price that seamlessly are able to be integrated.

“What you do just proves what you believe”, Simon Sinek.

  • Edge Velocity – A Next-Generation Wireless Network Provider
    Why: The founders of Edge Velocity were affected by the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Despite the bravery of many first responders that day, many of these heroes perished due to an in ability to communicate with each other in real-time.
    How: Edge Velocity’s solutions have been validated through real-world deployments over the past 10 years by some of the world’s most respected public safety organizations, companies and government agencies. Our solutions and patented unique software have been successfully deployed in highly dense urban environments such as New York City, throughout the east coast during Hurricane Sandy, and underground in potash mines and subway systems.
    What: A Highly secure wireless next-gen network that facilitates the digital environment of any enterprise.

So what is your Why, How and What?

TPP offers operational expertise to scale your business organically or by acquisition. We continue to transform visions into remarkable businesses (and we are always guided by how an acquirer thinks).

Simon’s TedTalk.