As I read the trail of stories on the mismanagement of HP and specifically the acquisition of the UK software group Autonomy for $11 billion, I can’t help thinking what’s happened to good old fashioned judgement?

As Susan Rice tries to explain the events surrounding her announcement around the tragic events in Libya, one continues to wonder about her judgement call.

Even trivial issues like the news anchor, the weather forecaster and their choice of tie, shirt, outfit. What were they thinking? They’re on national TV!

You see it in managers every day. A collection of tasks are completed poorly and bang they are handed out, published, released! Box ticked job done. But the judgement call is missing. It’s garbage that has been produced.

Signals are coming at your business every day. Is it just another day? Does it matter what the signals mean? Will it make a difference if I pause and think? If I execute my judgement, my gut, based on years of living in this space, will it make a difference? Yes it will.

99.9 % of tasks can be mastered eventually. It may take you 10 years. It may take 6 months. But the special piece. The piece that is worth the big value is the judgement. Does this smell right?

We really need to slow down, do the the analysis of course but then build in time to whatever you are doing and give it some serious judgement time. Sometimes I swear it’s the only skill I bring to the party!