There were so many great tips and tricks given out at yesterday’s MITX event I felt the need to blog about my take from the session. Panellist details are here:

Web Sites/Tips mentioned:

  1. – open an account and start sharing, get your words picked up by the search engines
  2. – see who links to you and your Google ranking
  3. Flickr – turn your powerpoints into jpgs and upload your manifesto
  4. Twitter Grader – Explore your ranking on Twitter and much more
  5. Do one really good white paper and syndicate like crazy, push it through all the channels
  6. a great site for connecting with customers and employees
  7. Give more than you get in the social media world
  8. Always link your blog to clear next steps, e.g. a potential webinar, web site resources, graduate your audience towards engagement and ultimately sales
  9. The objectives of your marketing campaigns are key to the metrics you measure. I would put it more fundamentally than that – the business you are in, the unique market you intend to dominate — determines what you measure.
  10. Twitalyzer – fascinating analysis on how influential your are at tweeting
  11. Facebook Insights – check out new metrics using Facebook Advertising
  12. Check out Linkscape – optimize SEO rankings
  13. Check out Ad Lab Microsoft – for metrics guidance
  14. Spydermate -another great SEO tool to improve rankings

The overall picture in this exploding world of social marketing is that it is possible to obtain jugular dashboards as a start for free but I would encourage bringing in the experts to really maximize your exposure.

Good luck! More general advice on growing businesses can be found here where I’ve published some great one pagers.