It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but presenting in public is an acquired skill and an essential one if you hope to influence people. So many great authors are average public speakers. So it’s not about the words, it’s about how you make the audience feel.

Here are 16 quick tips worth considering:

Quick Tips
  1. If you need to use a slide deck, prepare your presentation and cut the number of slides in half.
  2. Never repeat a bullet point already on the slide. Your commentary should add to the slide not repeat it.
  3. Use powerful images to change how people feel (like the one above).
  4. Talk 50% slower than normal.
  5. Explain why the topic is relevant now.
  6. Explain why the audience should care.
  7. Explain your credibility on the subject.
  8. Always start with a gate-splintering, forceful, uncompromising first 60 seconds.
  9. Always end with an enthralling, enlightening, mind-broadening last 60 seconds.
  10. Use your eyes to wash over the audience.
  11. Remind the audience of important points.
  12. Let the story tell itself. Don’t over explain.
  13. Be conscious of using your voice to change the pace and tone of the presentation.
  14. You will lose your audience every 15 minutes.
  15. Know your audience
  16. Be clear how you want your audience to feel when you finish.