Closing a sale has its challenges. Great product knowledge is a must. A deep understanding of your target sectors and prospects including trends, key players, vocabulary, and future prospects, are crucial to closing deals. A world-class sales process that diagnoses the prospect’s world is essential. But you will fail to close deals consistently unless you can find a key ingredient, a secret sauce, a piece of humanity I’m calling the Emotional Anchor.

That emotional connection will allow you to drive forward, hand in hand with your prospect to a better life. Serving first and selling second. Once that connection is made you will be driven to deliver the outcomes the prospect needs.

The Emotional Anchor can happen quickly or it can take time to build but all salesmen must feel the anchor has dropped. The relationship between the sales professional and the prospect is on firm ground with mutual respect and trust established. There is no room for parent/child relationships. Subservient relationships will not work.

To truly achieve realistic, affordable solutions, often requires an honesty that can only be delivered with trust and respect between buyer and seller.

When things go wrong with a deal if the Emotional Anchor is in place, if the relationship is built on solid ground then you are able to review all options together. Buyer and seller can consider the best way forward in a relaxed state of mind.

When we ignore this key step in sales, we miss an enormous opportunity to build long-term relationships, to deliver many attractive and essential outcomes for clients year after year. We may get the order, the PO or the business but we miss the opportunity to connect with another human being and bring two business partners together for the long term, based on the fact we care.

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