In creating this free e-book we wanted to drive to the heart of how entrepreneurs can create value. We wanted to create a practical, no-nonsense guide to the process of building value, how value is perceived by acquirers, how to reconcile personal shareholder objectives with corporate objectives and of course how to crystalize cash when the time is right. Please download the e-book and get answers to these questions:

  1. How much am I worth?
  2. Am I even saleable?
  3. What operational actions can I take to maximize my exit proceeds?
  4. Why do businesses fail to sell?
  5. Should I consider ESOPs?
  6. How do I match my personal objectives with the strategy of the business?
  7. Should I keep the business and never sell it?
  8. What can Investment Banks do and not do?
  9. What advisors do I need and what are their roles?
  10. How can I ensure I ace the due diligence test?
  11. How can we help you navigate your exit?

Chapter 11 contains a genuine free offer to share your situation with us on a call.

Download here.