Just under 9000 words of practical no-nonsense tips.

Whether You Are Cashing out in the next 3 years or keeping control for the foreseeable future, this e-book will inspire essential operational actions!

Get answers to these key questions:

  1. How much am I worth?
  2. Am I even saleable?
  3. What operational actions can I take to maximize my exit proceeds?
  4. Why do businesses fail to sell?
  5. Should I consider ESOPs?
  6. How do I match my personal objectives with the strategy of the business?
  7. Should I keep the business and never sell it?
  8. What can Investment Banks do and not do?
  9. What advisors do I need and what are their roles?
  10. How can I ensure I ace the due diligence test?
  11. How can we help you navigate your exit?

Chapter 11 contains a genuine free offer to share your situation with us on a call.

Download here.