Most entrepreneurs run their business like an upside down pyramid:
  • As they get bored with one activity they diversify into another activity before they have scratched the surface on the first activity.
  • Their idea of strategy is represented by a long flat line of failed attempts to execute – a lack of perspiration, a lack of grit.
  • They believe execution is basically a series of attempts to sell more by deploying a set of simple ads of various sorts followed by a barrage of uninformed cold calls.
  • Execution starts to look and feel very binary almost down to one or two moves, represented by the point of a pyramid.
  • A normal pyramid representing how successful businesses are run has a focus and a point representing a specific positioning with the rest of the pyramid representing all the resources of the company, aligned and supportive of the strategy.
  • To be remarkable instead of invisible takes guts but it’s safer!
  • You can build a remarkable business when resources are aligned and supporting a great cause. That’s one cause.
  • On the other hand you can have fun exploring tons of ideas and hope the pyramid doesn’t fall over!