It is very tempting to take evidence from candidates in support of their desire to fill the vacancy. It is very tempting to believe that the impressive evidence on display clearly demonstrates their skill at doing the job. Be careful.

Mitt Romney sites his comprehensive record at Bain Capital as evidence that he clearly knows how to create jobs. Really. The objective of a career in Venture Capital or Private Equity is to make money for your clients. Specifically, to maximize the Internal Rate of Return on a Fund. The only evidence that Mitt Romney can create jobs is his history as Governor of Massachusetts, which is not the strongest evidence but it is more relevant.

When you consider your best sales executive for the sales manager’s job it tempting to look at the impressive sales track record of the candidate. However it may be more relevant to look at the evidence of previous leadership roles whether they related to sales or not.

If you are appointing an advisor to sell your recruitment business for say $17m. It is very tempting to be swayed by the Goldman Sachs brand name. However the small investment bank that has sold 5 recruitment businesses in 2 years is probably better evidence.

You need to decide what part of the evidence is relevant not the candidate.