One of the best tools I’ve developed over the years is the “Will We Make It” table. It takes all of your sales teams’ pipeline deals using the weighted numbers from your sales process and pulls them together to compare them against Target and last year. One table which gives you an instant picture of how you are doing against target. The psychology is powerful.

  • The forecasts are owned by the sales professionals because of course they are their own numbers.
  • Each sales person is effectively predicting success or failure. eg  B is predicting hitting 95% of target for Q3 by the end of September. D is predicting hitting 64% of target.
  • Each sales professional can see immediately whether they are growing their business. B is the only one predicting a decline from last year at 84% of last year.

Of course you need a consistently applied world class sales process, applied by well trained sales people that believe in the system. It really should be a self-management tool to be really effective. I update them at least once per week and of course compare their credibility over time.

The Will We Make It Table

All of these figures are generated using formulas linked to your existing CRM system.