The beauty of blogging every week for many years is that you build quite a nice body of work. In the past 12 months I’ve asked myself the following 23 questions and tried to answer them in 400 to 500 words. I hope they help you and your management team build a better business!

  1. Sales – How do CEOs drive sales?
  2. Sales –How do you prepare for a Trade Show?
  3. Sales – Why will a sales trainer fail to grow sales?
  4. Sales – How do you improve sales close rates?
  5. Exits- What are the odds of selling your business?
  6. Exits – How do you stage your company for sale?
  7. Exits – How do you know if your business is saleable?
  8. Exits – How do you value a business?
  9. Acquisitions – How do you justify them?
  10. Budgets – How do you build the perfect budget?
  11. Management – How do you inspire simplification?
  12. Management – How do make money by having fun?
  13. Management – How do you increase profits from your business?
  14. Management – How do get projects completed?
  15. Management – How do you execute with speed?
  16. Management – How do you run a Board Meeting?
  17. Innovation – What are the guiding principles?
  18. Finance – How do you raise Venture Capital?
  19. Finance – What is a PE ratio and why is it important?
  20. Finance – How can you be a better CFO?
  21. Social Media – How can CEOs capitalize on it?
  22. Marketing – How do you get traction for your story?
  23. Strategy – How do you reposition your company to make money?
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